COLLECTION: Masterpieces by Parris Wakefield
DESIGN: Destiny
COLOUR: Original
STOCK SIZE: 250 cm x 300 cm
MATERIAL: 60% Tibetan wool, 40% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 100 knot/ inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal
Masterpieces' is a collaboration between Knots Rugs and the dynamic British design duo Parris Wakefield. The collection is based on four iconic paintings by fine masters. 'Portrait' by George Romney, 'Destiny' by John William Waterhouse, 'Colours' by Wasilly Kandinsky and '2 Weeks : 2 Seconds' by David Hockney. The collection strives to embrace the original colours palettes from these seminal works, translating into inspirational and effortless rug designs.