COLLECTION: Florence Broadhurst
DESIGN: Japanese Floral
COLOUR: Purple
STOCK SIZE: 183 cm x 275 cm / 250 cm x 300 cm
MATERIAL: 75% Tibetan wool, 25% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 100 knot/ inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal
‘Japanese Floral’ is part of the long standing collaboration between Knots Rugs and Signature Prints to translate the iconic wallpaper designs of 'Florence Broadhurst' into hand-knotted rugs. 'Japanese Floral' is one of Florence Broadhursts most celebrated design. The Knots Rugs interpretation of 'Japanese Floral' was to take the flower head graphic to a large oversize scale creating a bold statement piece. This design is from the 'Florence Broadhurst' Design Archive.
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