COLLECTION: Your Floor is The Canvas
DESIGN: Puppies On The Track
COLOUR: Original
STOCK SIZE: 274 cm x 365 cm
MATERIAL: 50% Tibetan wool, 50% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 100 knot/ inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal
‘Puppies On The Track’ is the 2nd installment of Knots wonderful artist collaboration with UK artist George Morton Clark. If last years magnificent ‘At the End of the Day’ was deep and brooding, the spectacular ‘Puppies On The Track’ has a stronger street art element, with energetic burst of expression in vibrant reds and yellows. George’s star is most certainly in the ascendancy and the original artwork to Puppies On The Track is on his own wall, one of his personal favorites he has kept for his own collection.