COLLECTION: Your Floor is The Canvas
DESIGN: Blue Fin
COLOUR: Original | Limited Edition
STOCK SIZE: 200 cm x 310 cm
MATERIAL: 40% Tibetan wool, 60% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 200 knot/ inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal
‘Blue Finn’ is an interpretation of the painting by the St Ives based abstract artist Arthur Lanyon. The attention to detail in this carpet goes further than anything Knots have tried before. Created in 200 knot quality with a total of 39 colours, this exceptional rug would look equally at home in a gallery as it would on the floor. Inspired by a childhood painting made in response to the artists encountering a pod of killer whales on the south coast of Cornwall. “They moved so fast, and mainly beneath the surface. I think I saw them but I really can’t be sure. The vagueness of that memory though was something my imagination ran with." Both rugs from the Lanyon collection are so compelling because the surfaces are divided into different sections, offering great opportunity for experimentation within an interiors setting.