COLLECTION: Your Floor is The Canvas
DESIGN: After Caravaggio
COLOUR: Original | Limited Edition
STOCK SIZE: 170 cm circular
MATERIAL: 50% Tibetan wool, 50% Chinese silk
QUALITY: 150 knot/ inch
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal
Classic with a contemporary edge, our Michal Cole collaboration brings us modern art with an old master feel. Haunting and ghostly, it feels like the paint is dripping off the canvas. Michal repaints portraits only to destroy them with violent brush strokes leaving a faint resemblance to the original pieces. There is something mysterious and alluring about her work. A total of 79 colours have been used in creating After Caravaggio, which comes in 150 Knot quality and a 50/50 Wool and Silk mix. Limited Edition