COLLECTION: 17th Century Classic
DESIGN: Polonaise No. 03
COLOUR: Original
STOCK SIZE: 145 cm x 213 cm
MATERIAL: Oxidised wool & silk
QUALITY: 11/11 Persian knot
ORIGIN: Hand-knotted Persian rug made in Jaipur
The '17th Century Classic' range is for lovers of classic design. Working closely with Ben Evans of HALI Magazine, Knots sought out some of the most collectable and valuable museum pieces to inspire this subtle, beautiful collection. Re-imagining and re-interpreting Polonaise & Esfahan designs, Knots have created a range that goes back to a simple, purified form without the tattoo imagery of the modern collection, staying true to the spirit of the originals but created in a modern way. All the 17th Century Range, both modern and classic, have been oxidised to achieve their ‘antique’ finish and have a subtle elegance that looks at home in any modern contemporary interior. The rugs are Persian knotted and are produced in Jaipur, India using the most skilled wavers available. As with the first collection, they are limited edition, signature pieces intended to be coveted by lovers of design and collectors of fine textiles alike.